Beginners Level >> Flashcards/Role Play Cards >> Flashcards with to be/present simple questions for party role play. Students move around asking and answering the questions, using appropriate answers.

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Cut these up and distribute to your students. Tell your students to imagine they're at a party and these are the questions they can ask people. The other student must give appropriate answers. Tell students to ask and answer a question before moving on to the next student. It's a good idea to demonstrate a few questions/answers with stronger students beforehand.

Do you live in the local area? What job do you do?
Do you know Sarah well? Are those shoes Italian?
What time is it? Do you know this music?
Do you have any children? What is your wife's/husband's job?
Are you married? Is it your birthday soon?
What is your star sign? Do you like this type of party?
Do you speak any other languages? Is that shirt from England?
How large is your house? Do you have any brothers or sisters?
How often do you go to the cinema? Do you read a newspaper every day?
What time does the party finish? Do you eat Mexican food? Premium

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