Elementary Level >> Flashcards and Role Play Materials >> Similar to the Party Mix Flashcards for beginners, but with slightly more complex questions using also past simple and present continuous. Students move around asking and answering the questions, using appropriate answers.

Party Mix Flashcards 2


Cut these up and distribute to your students. Tell your students to imagine they're at a party and these are the questions they can ask people. The other student must give appropriate answers. Tell students to ask and answer a question before moving on to the next student. It's a good idea to demonstrate a few questions/answers with stronger students beforehand.

What time did you arrive at the party? Did you bring a bottle of wine to the party?
Do you like this type of music? Where did you buy your shoes?
Which song is that playing? How well do you know Timothy?
Why are you wearing that hat? When did Sue invite you to the party?
Who is that man dancing over in the corner? Did you know Graham at school?
What type of wine are you drinking? What time does the party finish?
Can you tell me something about your job? Do you have a large family?
Do you live in the local area? How many people at this party do you know?
What types of hobby do you have? Is there anything to eat here?
Where is the bathroom? Where is Caroline now. Do you know?

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