Elementary Level >> Flashcards and Role Play Materials >> Collection of flashcards that act as prompt cards for students to ask each other questions about the past.

Past Simple Flashcards


Distribute these cards out among the students and have them move around the class asking these questions in relation to a specific period, e.g. the weekend just gone, yesterday, etc.

Example questions:

What did you watch on TV?
What time did you go to bed?

what/TV? what time/go/bed?
meet/friend? feel/happy?
how long/sleep? study/English?
read/magazine? eat/pizza?
drink/coffee? speak/family?
do/sport? how long/watch TV?
use/computer? have/shower?
spend/money? do/something creative?
think/work? telephone/mother?
listen/radio? cook/other people?
buy/expensive? watch/video?
drink/wine? how much/coffee?
feel/sad? strange/dream?

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