Elementary - reading and writing


I Am Wearing...A Blue Sweater
Students complete these half sentence prompts to write about themselves and to practice using the present continuous.

Can A Baby Swim?
Students make positive and negative sentences using can/can't.

'What I'm Doing' Writing Prompt Sheet
Students use prompts to write something about what they are doing at this moment.

Great Vacations Writing Practice
Prompts are given from which students can write paragraphs about people's different vacations. Gives good practice of past simple and elementary writing.

Past Simple Question Prompts
A list of past simple questions to which students write true answers. A basic writing prompt exercise.

Student Predictions for the Week
Students fill in this prediction sheet on a Monday or Tuesday and then review it the following week to see how accurate they were. practices "going to" future form.

Guided Composition: Past
Students use the written prompts to write a very basic composition about what they did on a particular day.

Nightmare Vacations Writing Practice
A writing exercise that gives practice of past simple negative. Student use prompts to write paragraphs about unfortunate tourists.

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