Elementary Level >> Reading & Writing Materials >> Students fill in this prediction sheet on a Monday or Tuesday and then review it the following week to see how accurate they were. practices "going to" future form.

This Week: Predictions


My name is _________________

I am in class ________________

Today's date is __________________

My Predictions For This Week

On television, I'm going to watch _________________
This weekend, I'm going to _______________________
Today the weather is ________________. On Wednesday, it is going to __________________
This week, I'm going to buy ______________________
I'm going / I'm not going to have an argument with someone.
Sport: I'm going to play _____________________ this week.
I'm going to spend a lot of / a little money this week.
The teacher is going to give us ________________ of homework this week.
It is going to be a ________________ week for me this week!!

Now you have to wait a week to see if you were right!!!!

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