Elementary Level >> Reading & Writing Materials >> Prompts are given from which students can write paragraphs about people's different vacations. Gives good practice of past simple and elementary writing.

Great Vacations Writing Practice


What did these families do on their vacation? The first one has been done for you.

1. The Pettigrew family
Paris / expensive hotel / museums / old books / champagne / river
The Pettigrew family went to Paris for their summer vacation. They stayed in an expensive hotel. They visited some museums in Paris and bought some old books. They drank lots of champagne and walked every day by the river.

2. The Gonzalez family
New York / Hard Rock Cafe / Central Park / expensive shoes / hot dog / yellow taxi

3. The Morgan family
Buenos Aires / cheap hotel / steak / red wine / tango / parks

4. The Clark family
Cairo / apartment / Nile / pyramids / lots of postcards / camel

5. The Beatty family
Helsinki / small hotel / snow / skating / reindeer / sauna / shopping / hot wine

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