Phrasal Verbs T - Z

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Wipe Out

Destroy, get rid of.
The bombers wiped out the village.
This holiday has wiped out my savings.


Work Against

Have a negative effect.
Her poor health will work against her in that type of job.

Work In

To include.
Work in some references to the boss's wife in your speech.

Work Off

Get rid of something by work, exercise.
You have over a thousand dollars of debt to work off.

Work On

1. Work and think about something.
We have a major problem but my group is working on it.
2. Have an effect on.
It's a great soap powder but it doesn't work on natural fibers.
3. Try to convince.
She said no but I am working on her.

Work Out

1. End successfully.
It looked bad at one point, but it all worked out in the end.
2. Solve, resolve.
Do you know how to work out these quadratic equations?
3. Do exercises, gym.
He works out three times a week. That's why he is so fit.

Work Up

1. Encourage, build up.
I have worked up a big appetite with all this running.
2. (Reflexive) Excite oneself to a high point of anger, excitement.
Stay calm! You're working yourself up to a frenzy.

Work Up To

Approach the climax of something.
It's getting busy at the factory. We are working up to the busiest time of the year.


Wring Out

1. Twist clothes to get rid of water.
This shirt is soaking wet. Didn't you wring it out?
2. Get a confession, promise out of someone.
The police were accused of wringing a confession out of the suspect using violence.


Write Off

1. Apply for something.
I wrote off for that job in the bank.
2. Destroy something totally.
He has written off that car in an accident.
3. Accept something as a loss, failure.
Don't worry about the money you lent him. Write it off as a loss. You'll never get it back.

Write Up

Put notes into normal writing.
After I write up these lecture notes, I will lend them to you to read.


Zero In On

Get near to the point, target.
The police are zeroing in on the gang of robbers.

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Zoom In On

Move a camera towards something to see bigger and more clearly.
I want to see that man's face better. Zoom in on him.

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