Phrasal Verbs T - Z

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Track Down

Find after a long search.
I finally tracked him down to a small bar in Manchester.


Trade In

Exchange one thing for another - often for a discount.
I traded in my old Ford and got a new Jeep for half price.

Trade On

Take advantage of someone's weakness, sympathy.
She was trading on his weakness for blonde women.

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Try On

1. Test clothes for size.
Try on those jeans and see if they fit you or not.
2. (Informal) Behave in dishonest way.
You want fifty dollars for that old bicycle. Are you trying it on?

Try Out

Experiment with a new product, food, etc.
Let's try out that new restaurant near the bank.


Tuck Away

Store something that is no longer needed.
Tuck away those old clothes in the wardrobe.

Tuck In

1. Eat food quickly.
You must be hungry going by the way you are tucking in!
2. Make someone comfortable in bed.
Can you tuck in the children while I finish the cooking?

Tuck Up

Tuck up your sleeves. They are hanging in the soup.


Tune In

Adjust a TV or radio to receive a certain station.
I tune in for this program every Sunday.


Turn Down

1. Reject, refuse to accept.
They turned down my book saying it was too long.
2. Reduce volume.
Turn down that music. We are trying to sleep here!

Turn In

1. Go to bed.
I am so tired, I think I will turn in.
2. Give someone over to the police.
The murderer was turned in by his brother.

Turn Into

That nice pub has turned into a horrible theme restaurant.

Turn Off

1. Leave a road.
You have to turn off at the next junction.
2. Make a person lose interest, appetite.
Men who swear really turn me off.
3. Use a switch, dial, button to stop a machine.
Turn off the light if you are leaving the kitchen.

Turn On

1. Start a machine.
Let's turn on the TV and watch that film.
2. Cause pleasure, excitement in somebody.
Black lingerie really turns me on.
3. Attack.
The dog turned on him and bit him.

Turn Out

1. Attend, come to a performance, show, etc.
A large crowd turned out for the summer show in the park.
2. Happen.
It turns out that my brother and his wife are getting a divorce.
The weather turned out really nice today.

3. Dress.
They always turn themselves out very elegantly.
4. Empty.
Turn out your pockets and put everything on the table please.

Turn Over

1. Replace stock in a shop.
Supermarkets have to turn over their fruit and vegetable often.
2. Give control, possession to somebody else.
He turned over the small business to a local businessman.

Turn Round

Cause an improvement in something.
He is turning that company round with sheer hard work.

Turn To

1. Become, be changed.
Water turns to ice when the temperature is below 0ºC.
2. Go to someone for support, money, help.
If my wife leaves me, who can I turn to for help?

Turn Up

Appear, arrive.
My key turned up under the bed.
What time will John be turning up?

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