Phrasal Verbs T - Z

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Vote Down

Reject something by voting against it.
The House of Lords voted down the proposal to ban fox hunting.

Vote Through

Approve of something by voting for it.
The new budget was voted through with a narrow majority.


Vouch For

Express approval, trust in a person.
I will vouch for his story. He is an honest person.


Wait On

Do things for, serve a person.
I am not waiting on your like a slave!

Wait Out

Wait until the end of something.
We should wait out the storm before leaving the house.

Wait Up

1. Not to go to bed.
I will wait up until Jane gets back from the disco.
2. (Informal) Wait!
I'm not ready yet. Wait up!


Walk Away With

Win a competition easily.
We were the best team by a long way and walked away with the cup.

Walk Into

Meet something unpleasant by accident.
They walked into a bank robbery and were taken hostage.

Walk Off With

Take, usually by accident.
I walked off with someone else's bag by mistake.

Walk Out

Leave, abandon.
Her husband walked out on her and left her to look after two young children alone.


Warm Down

To exercise slowly at the end of an activity.
We'll finish the match and then we'll warm down for ten minutes.

Warm To

Start liking something, someone.
I didn't like crab at first, but I'm warming to it.

Warm Up

To exercise slowly before an activity.
Don't go straight out and play before warming up otherwise you will pull a muscle.


Wash Down

Drink something after eating.
I had a great pizza washed down with premium beer.

Wash Over

When a sound, noise, argument happens near a person and is ignored.
The loud music my neighbors play every night washes over me now. I am used to it.

Wash Up

Clean plates, dishes after a meal.
I will wash up if you put the plates in the cupboard after.

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