Phrasal Verbs T - Z

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Think Of

1. Consider.
You must think of the consequences before acting.
2. Remember.
I'm trying to think of where we were last year at this time.
3. Suggest.
Think of a good film we can go and see.

Think Out

Consider something with great care.
Think out what may happen if you don't pay this money!

Think Over

Consider for a long time.
This is a huge decision which we must think over carefully before making.

Think Up

Invent, create.
You always manage to think up a new excuse for why you arrive late to school.


Throw Away

1. Lose an opportunity.
You could have married her and you threw it all away.
2. Get rid of something permanently.
That old radio doesn't work at all. We can throw it away.

Throw In

(Informal) Include.
While chatting, he threw in an invite to his party.

Throw Out

The board immediately threw out the new proposal.

Throw Together

Make quickly.
I will throw together a meal if you are hungry.

Throw Up

Vomit, be sick.
It's no surprise he threw up after six vodkas!


Tie Down

1. Limit someone to something.
He tried to be flexible but they tied him down to the contract.
2. Have freedom limited.
I won't get married until I am ready to be tied down.

Tie In With

Connect, link, agree with.
This new proposal ties in with what we were promised last year.

Tie Up

Be blocked.
All my money is tied up with my wife's company.


Tone Down

Make less obvious, notable, offensive.
Can you tone down your language? There are children present.

Tone Up

Make muscles stronger.
This aerobic class will tone you up nicely for the summer.


Top Off

Add a finishing touch to something.
And he topped off his speech with a terrible joke.

Top Up

Would you like me to top up your glass of wine?

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Touch Down

(Plane) To land on the ground.
We touched down at JFK at just gone six in the morning.

Touch For

(Informal) Ask someone for money.
I think he is a bit poor as he has touched me for loans three times this month.

Touch Off

Cause a war, dispute, riot, etc.
What started as a local tribal dispute touched off a full scale war.

Touch On

Mention briefly.
He never even touched on our proposal!

Touch Up

Add a few details, new paint to something.
The picture is great except you need to touch up the background a bit.

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