Phrasal Verbs J - O

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Join In

Participate with others in something.
Withdrawn children often don't want to join in playing games with others.

Join Up

1. Become member of military forces.
My father joined up two days before the war ended.
2. Connect.
Join that red wire up with the blue one.

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Keep At

Continue working hard at something.
I want to finish this by tonight so I'll keep at it for a while longer.

Keep Away

To avoid or to not come near something.
Keep away from that old factory by the river. It's very dangerous.

Keep From

1. Prevent.
My flu is keeping me from going to work.
2. Not to tell someone something.
Worried about her reaction, we kept the news of her aunt's illness from her.

Keep In

1. Stop someone going out.
I kept him in after school due to his behavior earlier in the day.
2. Maintain someone in a financial condition.
Her father's money keeps her in luxury. Otherwise, she would be poor.
3. Stop from being seen.
Despite her anger, she kept it in until he left the room.
4. Remain friendly with someone.
Keep in with the boss's wife if possible. It will help you later.

Keep Off

1. Not to touch, go on, etc.
Keep off the grass Sara, your father will be furious.
2. Avoid eating, drinking certain things.
I am keeping off red meat for a few months for my health.
3. Avoid talking about, mentioning certain things.
Keep off politics during dinner or we'll never get home!

Keep On

1. Continue.
Keep on going until you see the supermarket.
He keeps on about going to Barbados for a holiday this year.
2. Continue to employ.
I will keep you on for another two months - then I make no promises.
3. Continue to wear.
Keep you shoes on because we are going out again soon.

Keep To

1. Stay on/in a mentioned place.
Keep to the London road for about ten kilometers, then head east.
2. Follow a plan, regulation.
We must keep to the agreed schedule, otherwise we will have problems.
3. Hold someone to a promise.
You promised payment and I will keep you to it.

Keep To Self

Not to tell anyone.
Tell us the wedding date then. Don't keep it to yourself.

Keep Up

1. Work, move, etc at the same speed as someone else.
You must work harder Jones! Keep up with the others.
2. Weather continues without changing.
If this wind keeps up, we will lose most of the fruit in the garden.


Kick Off

1. Start a game, match.
We kicked off at three o'clock under blue skies.
2. Start a speech, discussion, meeting.
He kicked off by berating us all for our late arrival.

Kick Up

Cause, produce a fuss about something.
She kicked up a real fuss when she saw the state of the room.


Knock About

(Informal) Stay in company with someone.
Your son is knocking about with some unpleasant characters these days.

Knock Back

1. Drink quickly.
He knocked back three vodkas and left.
2. (Informal) Cost someone.
That old chair knocked me back over a hundred dollars.

Knock Down

Lower a price.
If you knock down the price of the car by fifty pounds, we have a deal.

Knock Off

1. (Informal) Finish work.
I knock off at five, so I'll meet you at half past.
2. Reduce a price by an amount.
If you knock off fifty pounds, we have a deal.
3. (Informal) Produce quickly.
Knock off an e-mail to the boss about the party tomorrow.

Knock Out

1. Hit someone unconscious.
The boxer won the fight by knocking out his opponent after two minutes.
2. Cause to sleep.
That second whiskey you gave me last night really knocked me out.

Knock Together

Put together something very quickly, approximately.
If you need somewhere to put your books, I can knock together a bookshelf.

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