Phrasal Verbs J - O

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

Don't forget we have a phrasal verb exercise page.

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Move Along

Go away, without stopping.
The police told the crowd to move along and stop hindering their work.

Move In

Begin living in a new home.
I moved in yesterday. I will have a house-warming party on Saturday.

Move On

Change to another job, city, relationship.
If you hate your job so much, maybe it's time to move on.

Move Out

Leave a home, base.
I am arguing too much with my girlfriend and thinking about moving out.

Move Over

Make space for another person.
If you move over a bit, I can sit down too.


Nose About/Around

Search for something. Ask questions about someone.
There was a detective here before nosing around.


Open Onto

Allow access to something from a door, window.
The kitchen door opens onto our new patio in the garden.

Open Out

To become bigger, wider.
After the bridge, the river opens out.

Open Up

1. Open a package, parcel.
Open up the new computer and let's set it up.
2. Talk frankly. (Informal)
After he had drunk a bit, he really opened up.


Opt For

After some moments of indecision, he opted for the black car.

Opt In

Choose to take part in something.
If you want to opt in Mike, we need $500 from you.

Opt Out

Choose not to do something.
You guys go ahead without me. I'm opting out of this deal.


Own Up

Admit to something.
If you own up that it was you, your father might not be so angry.

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