Phrasal Verbs J - O

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Let Down

Disappoint, delude someone.
I can't believe you didn't come to the party last week. You really let me down.

Let Off

1. Not to punish too severely.
The judge let him off with a small fine.
2. Not to make someone do something too difficult.
The teacher let us off homework as we had worked so well in the lesson.
3. Cause something to explode.
Kids letting off fireworks caused the fire to start.

Let On

(Informal) Allow someone to know that you know something.
He knew my wife was having an affair all the time but he never let on.

Let Up

To stop.
The rain didn't let up until nearly midnight.


Lie About

Be Very Lazy.
Don't lie about the house. Go and do something!

Lie Down

1. Be in horizontal position on a bed, sofa.
If you feel dizzy, go and lie down for half an hour.
2. Give up without a fight.
So the management have said we must accept this pay freeze! Are we going to lie down and take this?

Lie In

Stay in bed later than normal.
You don't have to be in work till gone ten so you can lie in if you want.


Line Up

Put people, things in a row.
The police told the in-mates to line up outside the prison gates.


Live Down

Cause past bad experiences, reputation, to be forgotten.
He humiliated his wife in front of everyone and will never live it down.

Live Off

Use something as a financial source to live with.
He lives off the money his father left him.
She lives off her wages very well.

Live Over

Repeat for a second time.
If I could live it all over again, I wouldn't change anything.

Live Through

Endure a difficult period.
She lived through two wars and three marriages.

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Live Under

Experience, live, a political regime.
I lived under both Fascism and Communism during the forties and fifties.

Live Up To

Meet the standards in life that others set.
They wanted their son to be a rich doctor but he left school young and could never live up to their expectations.

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