Phrasal Verbs J - O

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Map Out

Plan, arrange an action, event.
Geronimo has his whole career, his whole life mapped out for him.


Mark Down

1. Reduce the price.
The bananas were marked down to sell them quickly.
2. Reduce someone's mark, score because of something.
The skaters were marked down for their terrible costumes.

Mark Up

Increase the price.
The manager decided to mark up the new clocks that were selling so well.


Mess About

Act stupidly.
It's difficult to find a babysitter who wants to return because the kids always mess about so much.

Mess Up

To do something badly.
I've messed up the cake completely. I added salt instead of sugar!

Mess With

Become involved with, tamper with.
Don't mess around with the TV. You'll get an electric shock.


Miss Out

Not to include something.
This list is not complete. You missed out all the people in group two.

Miss Out On

Lose a chance, opportunity.
I missed out on that job as I was ill when they were interviewing people.


Mix Up

Put things in the wrong order.
I mixed up the bride's and the groom's family at the wedding and it was a bit chaotic.

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