Upper Intermediate - conversation prompts

Margie's Day of Hell!!
Short reading that can be followed up with third conditional work. How would the story have been different if...

Predictions for the Future
Students look into the crystal ball to predict what life will be like a short time into the future. To practice futures of predictions.

Famous regrets
Students identify famous quotations that past and present figures might have said. To practice 'if only' and 'wish' and can lead onto general third conditional work. If you have Word97 or better, you can also download this file in Word format.

Famous Quotes
Students look at some famous quotations. Some are given in direct speech and some in reported speech. After the students have completed the table, the quotes themselves make good discussion prompts. Enough here for a lesson.

Short Answers
Students walk around the class asking questions and giving the correct short reply. Good practice for identifying auxiliary verbs and question formation.

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