Pre-Intermediate Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> The class is divided into two groups - one group of hotel receptionists and one of tourist looking for a room for the night. Each tourist must find the cheapest hotel possible taking into account their individual preferences.

Finding a Hotel


Cards for Receptionists

Single - $40
Double - $65
No smoking. All single rooms full.
Single - $55
Double - $100
No smoking. No meals served.
Single - $50
Double - $100
Only breakfast served.
Single - $60
Double - $110
All double rooms full.
Single - $35
Double - $55
No smoking. No lift available.
Single - $70
Double - $125
No breakfast served.
Single - $65
Double - $105
Minimum two nights. No smokers.
Single - $58
Double - $105
No smokers. No meals.

Cards for Tourists

One night. You want all meals. You smoke. You are disabled. You need a lift. You smoke.
Two nights. Single room. You want breakfast and dinner. You need special vegetarian diet. Single room, one night.
Double room, one night. Elderly husband needs lift. Smoker, want single room, breakfast for one night.
You want a double room, all meals, smoker. Single room, for two nights, you want dinner. Premium

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