Elementary - surveys and pairwork resources

What's In Your Fridge?
Student to student survey to practice 'there is' and 'there are' and also quantifiers like 'a lot', 'much' and 'a few'.

Tour Schedule for Rolling Stones
To practice 'was' and 'were'.

Next Week for the President
A diary of the US President's week is used to practice the different future forms in English.

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Neil's Plans
Diary page that can be used to practice future forms such as present continuous and 'going to'.

Information on Three Hotels
This information can be used to practice comparatives and superlatives or as the information input in a role play.

'How Often?' survey
This uses vocabulary that would be maybe a little too difficult for Level 1A.

What are you doing?
Survey to ask about students' plans and arrangements for the future.

'Have you got/Do you have?'
This is a 'have got' survey that I use with younger classes.

Find Someone Who: Past
An all-class mingle activity in which student circulate around the class trying to find others who did the things written on their sheet.

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Find Someone Who: General 1B Review
A "find someone who" activity which serves as a general review of the language covered at this Elementary level.

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