Elementary - vocabulary 4

Elementary Verbs Gap Fill Worksheet
Answer Key
General gap fill worksheets where students choose from a list of elementary level verbs to complete each sentence, being careful to alter the verb for tense or person if applicable.

Elementary Verbs Gap Fill Worksheet 2
Answer Key
Second verb gap fill worksheet.

Elementary Verbs Gap Fill Worksheet 3
Answer Key
Third verb gap fill worksheet.

Which One Is Different?
Answer Key
Students find the word in a list that is very different in meaning from the others.

Which One Is Different? 2
Answer Key
Another similar vocabulary worksheet.

Money Vocabulary - Which Word Goes Best?
Answer Key
Vocabulary worksheet in which students choose another word from a list which best goes with the keyword. Good practice of meaning and collocation.

Hard Spelling Definition Worksheet
Answer Key
Students use the definitions and first given letter to get some practice at spelling.

Come, Make or Have?
Answer Key
Students must use the correct form of 'come', 'make' or 'have' to complete each sentence.

Verbs of Movement
Answer Key
Vocabulary worksheet practicing verbs of movement.

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