C2 Proficiency - Reading: Gapped Text

Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

In this part of the Reading and Use of English paper, known as 'Gapped Text', you need to put back paragraphs that have been removed from a text. This section of the C2 Proficiency exam will test your understanding of coherence, cohesion, text structure and global meaning.

Replace the removed paragraphs in the correct places in these readings.

The Industrial Revolution
Paragraph Gap Fill reading exercise about the Industrial Revolution.
Exercise Number: CPE065

Iranian Bloggers
Paragraph Gap Fill reading exercise about a blogging in Iran.
Exercise Number: CPE066

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Exam Tip!

Reading Exam - Things To Do

  1. Read the instructions very carefully, even if you think you already know what you have to do.
  2. Read the entire text carefully before you try to answer the questions. This will give you an overall impression and understanding of it.
  3. Be careful to read all titles and sub-titles too, they can be very helpful.
  4. If there is a gap, read the words around the gap carefully, both before and after the gap.

Drought Hits Corn Harvest
Paragraph Gap Fill reading exercise about drought problems in the USA.
Exercise Number: CPE072

The Busman's Holiday
Paragraph Gap Fill reading exercise about a short story called "The Busman's Holiday".
Exercise Number: CPE073

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The Training of a Forester
Paragraph Gap Fill reading exercise about an article which talks about how to become a forest worker.
Exercise Number: CPE079

The Arctic Prairies
Paragraph Gap Fill reading exercise about an travel account of a trip in a very cold Canada.
Exercise Number: CPE080

Libyan Oil Output Cut
Paragraph Gap Fill reading exercise about an article which talks about trouble in the Libyan oil industry.
Exercise Number: CPE082

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