Phrasal Verbs C - F

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Find Against

Judge against. Deliver a negative verdict.
He found against the accused and sentenced him to ten years prison.

Find Out

1. Discover information.
I found out yesterday that I have a sister I have never met!

2. Discover a person has done wrong.
Don't worry about John. They will find him out and sack him immediately.


Finish Off

1. Kill someone, something.
He finished off the injured cat with his rifle.
2. Finish a job by completing last part.
He finished off the speech by giving us some examples.

Finish Up

End an activity, evening, event.
They finished up by having some wine in a nearby wine bar.


Fit In

1.Feel comfortable and at ease with people.
My son loved his first day at school. He fitted in well with the other kids.
2. Find time for someone, something.
If you come along to the office at nine, I can fit you in.

Fit Out

Supply a person, thing with equipment.
His new car is fitted out with all the latest technology.


Fix Up

Arrange a job, date, object for someone.
He doesn't deserve to work there. He only got the job because his brother fixed him up with it.


Flush Out

To force a criminal out of hiding.
The police finally flushed the killer out by using dogs.


Follow Through

Continue doing something (as promised) until it is finished.
You shouldn't stop now...follow your ideas through.

Follow Up

Find out more about something, show interest.
I was initially interested in the job but I didn't follow it up in the end.


Fork Out

Spend money - usually too much!
I forked out an absolute fortune for that holiday to Jamaica.

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