Phrasal Verbs C - F

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Cater For

Provide for.
That hotel specializes in catering for business people on short trips.


Change Over

Switch from one thing to another.
I changed over from high tar to low tar cigarettes.

Change Round

Swap places with someone.
I prefer that seat by the window. Would you mind changing round?


Chat Up

Talk to someone of opposite sex to win attention.
Don't disturb John. He is chatting up that girl from his work he has been interested in all month.


Check In

Arrive and register at a place.
You should check in for an international flight at least an hour before departure.

Check On

Control, examine, confirm something.
Go and check on the baby. I don't think she is sleeping yet.

Check Out

1. Leave a place and pay the bill.
We have to check out of the hotel early tomorrow as we have to be at the airport at 8am.
2. (inform.)Look at.
Wow, check out the wheels on that sports car!


Cheer On

I'm going to the stadium to cheer on my son's soccer team.

Cheer Up

1. Cause to feel happier.
I wanted to cheer Jane up as she looked so miserable when I saw her.
2. Become happier.
Jane cheered up when two of her friends came to visit her.


Chew Over

Consider, think over carefully.
It's such a difficult decision to make that we should chew it over for a few day.


Chicken Out Of

Fail to do something because of fear.
When he saw the size of the other boy, Fred chickened out of the fight.


Chip Away At

Gradually remove.
The opposition party is chipping away at the government's support.

Chip In

Contribute, give.
Everyone chipped in something to the fund to build a new roof for the church.


Choke Back

Hold tears, emotion back. Prevent from being seen.
He was very emotional when the family dog died, but he choked back the tears because he didn't want to upset the children any more.


Clean Someone Out Of Something

To win, take all money from someone.
I played poker with Brad yesterday evening and I cleaned him out completely.

Clean Up

1. Win a lot of money.
Let's go to Vegas and clean up!!
2. Fight crime in a city.
The tough new major promised to clean up the town.


Clear Off

Go away, leave.
I told him to clear off. I didn't want to see him then.

Clear Out

Escape, leave town.
When the police arrived, the gangsters had cleared out of town.

Clear Up

Solve a mystery, problem.
Scientists hope to one day be able to clear up the whole 'UFO' question.

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