Phrasal Verbs C - F

This is the phrasal verb reference section. Here there are definitions and examples for hundreds of phrasal verbs found in English.

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Climb Down

Withdraw, admit a mistake.
The politician was forced to climb down when the papers printed the photos.


Close In On

Come nearer.
The army closed in on the beleaguered town.

Close Up

Close a shop, office, business.
Come to the check-out now please. We are closing up.

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Come About

The investigation will look for answers about how the accident came about.

Come Across

1. Find by accident, by chance.
I came across our old typewriter when I was up in the attic today.
2. Be understood in a certain way in speech or writing.
When she talks on the phone, she comes across as being very unfriendly.

Come By

A farmer came by as we were having our picnic.

Come Down With

Become ill with.
I came down with the flu twice last winter.

Came In For

To be the subject of criticism, praise, etc
After the divorce, her ex-husband came in for a lot of criticism.

Come Into

Inherit money.
They came into a fortune when their rich uncle died.

Come Of

Happen as a result, consequence.
If you argue with your boss, no good will come of it!

Come Off

1. Take place.
Our planned trip didn't come off. We couldn't afford it.
2. Happen with success.
The performance didn't come off very well. The sound and the costumes were terrible.

Come Out

1. Be published
Her first novel came out in 1991.
2. Workers strike.
If the 'Yes' vote wins, everyone will come out on strike on Monday.
3. Secret becomes known.
If this comes out in the public eye, it will very embarrassing.

Come Round

1. Regain consciousness.
He came round when someone threw water at him.
2. Agree eventually.
She came round to the idea when she saw there was little alternative.

Come Through

Survive a difficult situation.
She came through her illness thanks to the wonderful doctors.

Come Up

Be mentioned, spoken about.
The issue of the company's finances comes up at every board meeting.

Come Up Against

Confront, oppose.
With it snowing so hard, they came up against the problem of how to travel.

Come Up With

Produce something.
I need to come up with $50 by 6 o'clock tonight.


Cool Down

Become less enthusiastic, excited.
When he heard he had won the lottery, he couldn't cool down for a week.


Copy Down

Write what is written/spoken elsewhere.
Copy down this address and then sent the letter there.

Copy Out

Write exactly what is written elsewhere.
Copy out the poem and then return the book to the library.


Count Against

To be considered a disadvantage.
He was very well qualified for the job, but in the end, his age counted against him.

Count Among

To be considered as.
I count John among my best friends.

Count For

To be of importance.
His ten years of experience in this job will count for a lot when they decide who to promote.

Count In

To include a person.
If you are planning a trip to the theater tonight, count me in.

Count On

Rely, depend on.
Please don't tell me you're ill! I was counting on you to babysit the children tonight.

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