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The Terrorist Threat


I think that it is absolutely PATHETIC that so many of the people from other countries leaving their commentary feel so free to condemn the US, and our President for his speech and its inherent undertones of retaliation. If we stand down and do nothing - the comment would be that we are afraid, if we immediately react with military force, we are bullies. I hope we are thoughtful in our actions, not reactive alone. But we have been injured and cannot reasonably be expected to simply wait it out. For those of you who call us bullies, check you history book folks.
J Handley, US

Our action should first be to declare ourselves free from terror. We should not let those who perpetrated this cowardly act see us on our knees. We must stand tall. We must also take action. We must band together and attack terrorism at its rotten core, not just these perpetrators, but all. If they are on the run forever, they can't commit any terrorist attacks. We owe action and resolve to the fallen, not just as citizens of the civilized world, but as human beings in general. If we don't demonstrate resolve and our might, it may be London, or Brussels or any other city in any country.
Mike, Boston, MA , USA

The US nation and its leaders need to think very long and hard on what reaction to take, and against whom. I only hope that what was done in response to the bombing here in Tanzania, and in Kenya is not done again. It accomplished very little, if anything at all. The US has to rethink its foreign policies in areas such as the Mid-East. With such hatred growing against the United States there must be some reasons. I think the US has blindly backed Israel and so put itself against the predominantly Muslim Arab neighbors. I want to let your American readers know that I am completely and utterly shocked with, and absolutely cannot fathom the evil that went into this attack. But the US has finally got to realize that its foreign policies make other nations and people angry. I am just so sorry that innocent civilians had to pay the price.
Andrew Charles, Canadian living in Tanzania

We can't forgive, forget or undo.We can only cry and fear for more remembering that more blood won't bring the heat back in our hearts. I'm still hoping that hate and revenge won't be our final mistakes.
Mikko, Helsinki Finland

While this is a tragedy, a measured response is worth waiting for. These terrorists took a long time planning this and so should we. The country harboring them should be given a chance to turn them over for trial. Any country giving them refuge hopefully will feel differently after seeing their actions. If they do not, they are also culpable.
John Lagnese, Maine, USA

It's hard to believe so many people root for retaliation. What would that solve? As in the horrible tragedy here, more innocent civilians will die. How will that make anyone feel better? It's better to stay calm, find the people responsible for this reprehensible act and prosecute them.
Indira Alex, Boston, USA

This is devastating for America and the whole world. I don't like war or hearing people getting killed. But some action needs to take place on people who commit these kinds of violent terrorist crimes - it is just uncalled for. As the bibles say there's a time for everything under heaven - there's a time to cry, time to mourn, time for war, time for peace and so on.... Please pray for God to rain his love down on the people who lost loved ones.
Deon Cavanagh, Australia

Were terrorists from some other nation responsible or are they from our own shores? When the Oklahoma bombing occurred many people, in a rush to judgement, were blaming all Arabs - sometimes those in our own Arabic communities. But I do not believe that the Palestinians rejoicing about today's tragedy are representative of all Arabs any more than I believe that Timothy McVeigh represents all Americans. Let us urge our government intelligence communities - worldwide - to assist us in naming and finding those responsible. Only then, should we retaliate.
Lois Kaness, USA

We need to take our time, run down every lead, and then, and only then, strike. Rash acts tend to create catastrophes. Time is on our side, and when we are sure of who is responsible (including those who gave the required support) strike with all of the power and fury that the American people are capable of.
Nathan, USA Premium

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