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Against GM Food


Supporters of large-scale farming argue that we have been genetically modifying organisms by crossbreeding for hundreds of years. But crossbreeding has natural limits, which we have breached. Crossbreeding never involved pumping animals full of chemicals to make them leaner or produce more milk. The current situation is of our own making and we must learn to live with the consequences.
Annie, Reading, UK

Genetically engineered food is WRONG!!! It's inevitable that dabbling with nature will upset nature's balance and if we start engineering food, where will we end up - genetically engineering humans?
Jane, Nottinghamshire, UK

I oppose the introduction of GM foods into the food supply without very long-term testing, and without labelling of this type of food. I believe corporations have no concern for the harm they may cause by genetic modification. Their only concern is profits, and gaining control of the food supply.
Dave, Salinas, CA, USA

It's too dangerous to play roulette with what we eat. One of the lessons I took away from two years spent studying genetics is that the natural order is a complex and beautiful thing. It is something that has evolved, slowly and steadily over hundreds of millions of years. The subtlety, intricacy and delicacy with which organisms go about the cycle of their lives is simply breathtaking. Are we humans really so arrogant that we believe that we are bigger than nature, that after just a couple of decades of tinkering around with DNA in laboratories has taught us enough to "improve" on nature? The problem is that if we get it wrong, there is no going back; there is no Undo in nature's Edit menu.
Matt, London

While we are busy spraying our crops with chemicals and feeding our livestock unnatural products I challenge any of our food producers to prove that they are not poisoning us as well as damaging our flora and fauna. If you want to eat food that is both healthier for you and the environment, eat organic!
Harry, Munich, Germany

While GM foods will probably be safe for human consumption, a more serious concern is the unforeseen consequences of releasing genetically modified organisms into the environment without understanding the consequences. The death of monarch butterflies from BT corn is a good example of this and may only be the tip of the iceberg. Despite mankind's recent technological advances, we are still dependent on nature for our survival. The costs of tampering with complex systems we don't understand could far outweigh the benefits of GM crops
David, Boulder, Colorado, USA

I buy organic produce regularly. It often tastes better compared to regular foods. However, I am concerned about the impact of GM contamination and the effect on the organic produce market which could be devastated through government-sponsored pollution.
Paul R, UK

In the light of the government's recent admission that GM crops can affect any other crops anywhere, I don't see much point buying organic any more.
John B, UK

Anyone who thinks that GM food will result in cheaper salmon, or anything else, must be out of their tiny minds. Once the natural salmon have all been wiped out, the manufacturers of GM salmon will simply hold the world to ransom and start charging ridiculously high prices for their rubbish product.

GM modified organisms if released can permanently contaminate the environment. No other form of pollution has this permanent effect. It is totally unreasonable to leave future generations to deal with the problems this may cause.
Sarah, UK

Isn't it bad enough that we breed animals to kill and eat? Do we really need to modify them to save us time and money? This is just good old American greed gone one step nearer insanity.
Justin, UK

There is a need to produce food that will sustain the world's ever increasing population but at what cost. Until it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that there is not a catastrophe in the making then we should take caution before we possibly destroy the delicate balance of nature.
Barry, England Premium

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