Advanced Level >> Themes & Topics >> Tying in with the 'world debt' theme, this is a third conditional worksheet.

Second and Third Conditional Practice


Look at the following sentences concerning the problem of debt relief and decide if the sentences should be second or third conditional. It is possible that the sentence is a mix of the two.

1. If these countries _____________ (not be) so poor, they _____________ (not need) to borrow money.

2. Many of these financial institutions _____________ (not lend) all this money if they _____________ (know) there would be all these problems now.

3. If some of the poorer countries _____________ (have) less corrupt governments in the Sixties and Seventies, they _____________ (not face) these difficulties now.

4. The money _____________ (can) be spent better if they _____________ (not build) so many unnecessary things such as super-dams and highways.

5. There _____________ (not be) such a debt problem if the world _____________ (be) a fairer place!

6. If the western states _____________ (charge) less interest, the amount owed by the poorer states _____________ (be) a lot less.

7. Some people say that if the colonial powers _____________ (take) less in the last couple of centuries, these poor nations _____________ (be) far richer now.

8. If the debt _____________ (be) written off, it _____________ (may not be) the end of the problem.

9. What _____________ (happen) if we _____________ (not loan) all this money in the beginning? Premium

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