Advanced Level >> Error Correction/Editing Worksheets >> Grammar auction in which students in pairs or groups 'bid' to buy what they think are correct sentences.

Where are the mistakes:


  1. He was working in Vienna when he met his wife.
  2. I have been to England four years ago.
  3. Every day, I am getting up early.
  4. The train leaves the station at 4p.m.
  5. I read a book and then I was going to sleep.
  6. My father like football.
  7. I've been reading an interesting book about Polish mushrooms recently.
  8. How many times she did see the film.
  9. Who did see you?
  10. The manager of the bank doesn't like me.
  11. Shakespeare has written over twenty plays.
  12. They do not skiing now, they are dancing.
  13. When I arrived at the station, the train had already left.
  14. When Tom got home, Jane cooked dinner.
  15. When Tom got home, Jane had cooked dinner.
  16. I can't to speak English very well.
  17. I know Simon for twenty three years.
  18. Are there some photos in the room? Premium

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