Advanced Level >> Error Correction/Editing Worksheets >> A series of worksheets focusing on the 'extra word' type of editing. Each sentence on the worksheet has an extra word which students have to find. Tests student knowledge of a wide variety of grammatical and lexical forms.

Extra Word Worksheet 8


For each sentence, find the word that doesn't belong.

e.g. I didn't want to study any longer but my mother made me to continue for another hour.

1. To get there, I had been taken the train from London to Sheffield and arrived just in time to see her leaving the platform with her husband.

2. If you have got any new the books, could you lend me one for the weekend?

3. You don't have to go a far away to feel homesick. I learnt that last year at college.

4. I'm not sure that heater is working very well. Do you feel like any heat from it at all?

5. The restaurants they are very elegant in this part of town and you will pay a lot of money for even a very simple meal.

6. The second gunfighter stood still at the end of the street. The sheriff, without holding a gun, felt in great danger.

7. This old church is more seventy five years old and it now needs vital repair work to be done as soon as possible.

8. The local area people don't want to see another huge shopping center built so are protesting against its imminent construction. Premium

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