Advanced Level >> Error Correction/Editing Worksheets >> A series of worksheets focusing on the 'extra word' type of editing. Each sentence on the worksheet has an extra word which students have to find. Tests student knowledge of a wide variety of grammatical and lexical forms.

Extra Word Worksheet 4


For each sentence, find the word that doesn't belong.

e.g. I didn't want to study any longer but my mother made me to continue for another hour.

1. If you get at home late again, I might not let you to the graduation dance on Friday.

2. We agreed to meet up each other at 8pm but she left me standing in the rain for nearly an hour!

3. Some footballers they get too much money, I feel. They don't understand its value.

4. He is such as a greedy man. I can't believe he wants even more money!

5. We spent the whole day looking for John. At the last, we found him in a restaurant on the other side of town.

6. Because of the team played so well, they were very disappointed to lose the match by such a large amount.

7. Your work shows off you are a very intelligent and thoughtful person. You have a great future in this company.

8. A dietician came to speak to the people that in our office to try and persuade them to eat better while at work. Premium

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