Advanced Level >> Error Correction/Editing Worksheets >> A series of worksheets focusing on the 'extra word' type of editing. Each sentence on the worksheet has an extra word which students have to find. Tests student knowledge of a wide variety of grammatical and lexical forms.

Extra Word Worksheet 13


For each sentence, find the word that doesn't belong.

e.g. I didn't want to study any longer but my mother made me to continue for another hour.

1. I couldn't do any of my homework last night. I'm sorry but I have a little time due to my job.

2. She was a petite, thin woman with a large blue eyes and long hair that came down below her shoulders.

3. As long as you do of your best, I can't ask anything more of you.

4. So far away, we have the names of four volunteers and we will ask John and Susanna tonight.

5. When she entered into the room, I looked away as quickly as possible so she wouldn't notice how ashamed I was.

6. I gave you ten dollars. Instead you gave me change for only five dollars though.

7. Have you still got that decorative box I got you for Christmas five years ago? You know, the one made up out of wood that I bought when I was on vacation in Africa.

8. Stop jumping on to the beds. I will have to wash all the sheets again if you get them dirty. Premium

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