Advanced Level >> Error Correction/Editing Worksheets >> A series of worksheets focusing on the 'extra word' type of editing. Each sentence on the worksheet has an extra word which students have to find. Tests student knowledge of a wide variety of grammatical and lexical forms.

Extra Word Worksheet 1


For each sentence, find the word that doesn't belong.

e.g. I didn't want to study any longer but my mother made me to continue for another hour.

1. We have watched that film last year so we don't want to see it again.

2. I need to go back into the school for to get my book. I have forgotten it again.

3. The most of money I ever found was £50 on a beach in Scotland last year.

4. The banks here open at 10am and are close at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

5. He's very good at when it is Christmas but is a naughty boy for the rest of the year!

6. The people say the strangest things when they are nervous.

7. You shouldn't to tease your little sister, Bryan. It isn't very nice.

8. The fat people are usually more at risk of heart disease so diet is very important. Premium

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