Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students re-order the words to make correct third conditional sentences.

Third Conditional Re-Ordering

Upper Intermediate

Put these words into the correct order to make third conditional sentences. The first word in each question is "if".

  1. If I hadn't caught the 7.30 bus, I would have been late for work.
  2. If I'd known you'd be so angry, I wouldn't have told you.
  3. If the building had been built better, it wouldn't have collapsed.
  4. If my sisters had met you, they would have been happy.
  5. If it had rained for another hour, the river would have flooded.
  6. If I'd seen you earlier, I would have given you the money.
  7. If I'd been able to speak French, I would have gone to live in Paris.
  8. If we had known you were coming, we could have prepared the extra bed.

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