Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Each gap needs the correct form of 'say' or 'tell' to complete the sentence.

Say / Tell Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Look at all these sentences using "say" and "tell". Write in the correct form of either "to say" or "to tell" to complete each question.

  1. I just think John is an idiot. ________ that, he earns a lot more than me!
  2. I would have ________ Jessica about the meeting if I'd seen her, but I didn't!
  3. Can you listen to what I'm trying to ________ you. This is important.
  4. Oh, Barry, you've ________ me that joke at least ten times.
  5. Did you hear what my boss ________ about his boss?
  6. My mother always told me to ________ my prayers before bedtime.
  7. He got me very worried without actually ________ what the problem was.
  8. ________ Miriam to come and see me immediately. This report is all wrong.

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