Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students use a prompt word to rewrite sentences, using in each case a relative pronoun.

Relative Pronouns Sentence Transformation Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Rewrite each of these sentences using no more than FIVE words in each space and using the word in the brackets without changing it.

1. Mario is the guy who cuts my hair every month. He's 37 today.
Mario, who cuts my hair, has his birthday today (who)

2. Carol's house is the largest in the street. She's my neighbor.
My neighbour is Carol, whose house is the largest in the street. (whose)

3. We'll meet at Christmas. We'll talk about it then.
We'll talk about it at Christmas, when we'll be at home. (when)

4. I spoke to one of the women. She was the one wearing the red skirt.
I spoke to the woman who was wearing the red skirt. (who)

5. We stayed in the Lodge Hotel in Vermont. It was our honeymoon.
It was the Lodge Hotel in Vermont where we spent our honeymoon. (where)

6. Give me the scissors. Give me the ones that cut well.
Give me the scissors which cut well. (which)

7. My wife hit that dog with the car. The dog was very old.
That's the dog whom my wife hit with the car. (whom)

8. Radio was invented in the early 20th century. Marconi was the famous inventor.
Marconi became famous in the early 20th century when he invented the radio. (when)

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