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Relative Pronouns - Letter Of Complaint

Upper Intermediate

Look at this letter of complaint that Daniel writes to the owner of a hotel company. For each space, write the correct relative pronoun. If no relative pronoun is required, simply put "x" as the answer.

Dear Mr. Jeffries,

I want to complain about the hotel _____ (1) I stayed last week, one of your company's hotels. I spent nearly $200 on the hotel, _____ (2) I assumed would guarantee me some level of quality. That is a mistake _____ (3) I won't be making again!

This was going to be a second honeymoon for my wife and I, _____ (4) I think you can understand the importance of. The first problem _____ (5) we encountered was finding the place. The address given on your website, _____ (6) I found confusing and out-of-date, was wrong. I asked someone _____ (7) told me there were always tourists _____ (8) were lost in the area. Please correct the address immediately to prevent other situations such as that _____ (9) we suffered.

On arriving at the hotel, _____ (10) had taken more than an hour, we were informed _____ (11) we didn't have a reservation. Another twenty minutes passed before the receptionist, _____ (12) name I cannot recall, found our e-mail and told us _____ (13) "there was an administrative error" by _____ (14) I presume she means "the hotel is run like a circus".

We were finally shown to the room _____ (15) we were to stay in. It was cold and there was a wind coming under the door, _____ (16) all made my wife feel very upset.

I would like at the very least a refund of the money _____ (17) we spent so foolishly by staying in your hotel. I would also appreciate an honest explanation of why we had to tolerate such treatment during a stay _____ (18) was supposed to be relaxing.


Daniel Marston

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