Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students use the appropriate relative pronoun to fill the gap in each sentence.

Relative Pronoun Gap Fill Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Choose one of the following relative clauses that best completes each sentence.

who - which - where - when - what

1. Alexander Graham Bell is the man _____ invented the telephone.

2. The subject _____ my son finds most demanding is French.

3. They met in the "Trucador" restaurant, _____ his wife worked as a waitress.

4. Astronomy was a subject about _____ the professor enjoyed chatting, given the chance.

5. This was obviously a bad case of bullying, _____ the school takes very seriously.

6. Prime numbers, _____ are numbers that can only be divided by themselves, formed the basis for the code.

7. I don't know _____ he did, but his teacher is very angry about it.

8. The world population, _____ currently stands at more than 7 billion, is expected to rise for the next fifty years at least.

9. Spring is the time _____ you should be planting these seedlings.

10. A man _____ I'd never seen before came and spoke to me and told me everything would be okay.

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