Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Multiple choice worksheet containing sentences with reason and cause expressions such as "seeing as", "due to", etc.

Reason And Cause Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Choose the best word to complete these sentences.

1. The new law was introduced ________ conditions in prisons would be improved.
a. when
b. then
c. so that

2. ________ he was so keen on cooking, he went to do a chef course in Paris.
a. that
b. because
c. why

3. ________ the apartment is so new, it should sell for a good price.
a. so
b. though
c. seeing as

4. ________ the company didn't offer Jeanie a new pay rise, she left and found a new job.
a. since
b. for
c. so

5. We expected the money ________ he had promised it to us.
a. for this
b. while
c. as

6. The man lay awake in the bed ________ he was exhausted.
a. but
b. because
c. although

7. The streets were filled with water ________ the rain.
a. because
b. due to
c. caused

8. They can't attend tonight's meeting, John, ________ not being members.
a. on account of
b. when
c. in case of

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