Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students use one word to complete these mixed conditional sentences.

Mixed Conditionals Gap Fill Worksheet 2

Upper Intermediate

Write one word in each space in these mixed conditional sentences. The word may be a negative contraction.

1. The children wouldn't have gotten into trouble if they had ________ more supervision.

2. The cake ________ have turned out better if we had followed the recipe.

3. If the train ________ been late, we wouldn't have missed our connection.

4. The dog ________ have run away if the people had kept him in the yard.

5. The bear wouldn't have attacked if the man ________ come so close to her cubs.

6. If only it ________ stop raining!

7. I wish I ________ eaten so much!

8. If you ________ helped me, I couldn't have finished this project.

9. If the garden were bigger, we ________ plant more vegetables.

10. I think you ________ do better if you really tried.

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