Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students read sentences and then re-write them using either "make" or "let".

Make/Let Sentence Re-Writing

Upper Intermediate

Rewrite each of these sentences using either "make" or "let". Make sure the tense is correct.

1. They don't let you leave the base.

2. Tommy's physics teacher made him do his homework again.

3. To everyone's surprise, the teachers let them use calculators in the exam.

4. I didn't even want to do this course, but my parents made me!

5. Dave, let your brother have a go on the game. You've had it for an hour!

6. The farmer doesn't let us in that field.

7. Jane was made to apologise by her mother.

8. "Can you let me watch the late movie if I finish all my homework?"

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