Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Newspaper headlines containing either infinitive or gerund form of verbs. Good practice of reading newspaper headline English too.

Newspaper Headlines: Infinitive or Gerund

Upper Intermediate

Look at these newspaper headlines and fill each space with either the infinitive or the gerund.

1. Defeated Lawyer Too Angry ______ After Trial. (talk)

2. ______ TV Late At Night Causes Kids Problems At School. (watch)

3. Instead Of ______ Meat, Dieters Advised To Choose Fish. (eat)

4. Before ______ Door, Cop Warns People To Use Peephole. (answer)

5. President Warns It's Tough ______ Economic Problems. (solve)

6. Robber Asked Victim ______ Him Cup Of Coffee, Says Detective. (make)

7. Enjoy Life And Enjoy ______, Students Told On College Opening Day. (study)

8. French President Concerned About ______ Trade War. (start)

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