Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> A chat show transcript with a gap fill exercise to practice using either infinitive or gerund form of verbs.

The Interview: Infinitive or Gerund

Upper Intermediate

Read through this interview on a TV show and choose either the gerund or the infinitive for each space.

Hannah: Ben, I was shocked ________ (hear) this was your first movie role? You seemed ________ (be) to be so comfortable on the screen.

Ben: Thanks, Hannah. I was terrified of ________ (make) an idiot of myself, I can tell you! But Glen, the director, was great. He helped everyone ________ (relax) and I stopped ________ (worry) so much after a few days.

Hannah: I read somewhere that he forced everyone ________ (act) each other's parts. Is that true?

Ben: Yes, it helped us ________ (understand) the difficulties the others faced. It was a new thing for me, but it was great. I really enjoyed ________ (play) the part of my co-star, Melanie Hill.

Hannah: She's a supermodel in the film, right?

Ben: Yes, exactly - very enjoyable.

Hannah: What are your plans next?

Ben: I intend ________ (take) a break! I've been working non-stop for eleven months. It's time ________ (go) on vacation or fishing or something like that.

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