Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students turn direct quotations into reported speech.

Direct & Reported Speech Gap Fill Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Write these direct quotations as reported speech.

1. Julie said, "My birthday is on Friday." Julie said ________.

2. John said, "I saw that movie once before." John said he ________.

3. My friend said, "I'll come with you." My friend said she ________ me.

4. The veterinarian said, "I'll give the cat an injection." The veterinarian said he ________.

5. Sally asked, "Can I help you plan the party?" Sally asked if ________ us plan the party.

6. Rachel said, "I'm baking a cake for the party." Rachel told me ________.

7. The doctor said, "You need to have an operation." The doctor told me ________.

8. She said, "I've been cleaning the house all morning." She said she ________.

9. She asked, "Do you want some lemonade?" She asked if we ________.

10. Tom asked, "Have you ever been on a sailboat before?" Tom asked if we ________.

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