Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Relative pronouns used in dating website ads - where are the errors?

Relative Pronouns in Dating Ads

Upper Intermediate

Look at these ads written by users on a dating website. Correct any errors in the use of relative pronouns.

1. I'm a man which likes fishing and reading. I would like to meet a woman who idea of a great evening is great conversation.

2. I'd like to meet in a place where is near my home. I don't like to travel much.

3. What do I look like? Many people say I look like a person that has an important job, such as a doctor or a professor.

4. I'm looking for a sincere friendship, that for me is the most important thing.

5. Call me now. I'm a man who thinks true love really exists! Don't waste any time!

6. I play many sports and have many hobbies, which I do at the weekends. Are you a sporty type?

7. I can only meet a woman at the weekend, when I'm not busy with my computer business.

8. I would like to meet a Taurus or Leo man, whose job doesn't involve working late! Call me.

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