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The Politician's Letter

Upper Intermediate

Read this politician's letter to the people living in the local area. Write ONE word for each space.

I wanted to write a few words to all of you _____ (1) explain my decision to oppose the construction of another oil power station in our area. So much research has been carried out in _____ (2) to show how dangerous these power stations are to our environment. _____ (3), incredibly, the plan to build more remains.

My opponents have said my opposition puts local jobs at risk. _____ (4), I would say that continuing with the construction of this power station puts lives at risk, and not only local ones. Rising sea levels and global warming _____ (5) to our endless emissions of carbon dioxide put us all in danger.

_____ (6) my party has decided not to oppose this power station, I have _____ (7) been left with no alternative but to resign from my party. This is a bigger cause than any minor party dispute. Because _____ (8) this, I will be standing as an independent candidate next year.

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