Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> This worksheet focuses on both past and present wishes and regrets.

Wishes and Regrets Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

Look at each situation and decide if it describes a past or a present situation. Then write a sentence using either "wish" or "if only".


I am too fat --> I wish I wasn't so fat. (PRESENT)
I didn't pass my exam --> If only I had passed my exam. (PAST)

1. I am not very tall.

2. I didn't learn English when I was younger.

3. I can't speak perfect English.

4. I don't go out with Britney Spears/Brad Pitt.

5. My tennis serve is useless.

6. I didn't sleep very well last night.

7. I got really badly sunburnt on the beach last summer.

8. My nose is too big.

9. I'm not the best student in the class.

10. I didn't go out with my friends to the disco-bar last night.

11. I have a terrible headache.

12. My neighbourhood is terribly noisy at night.

13. I can't play any musical instrument.

14. I have to get up early every day.

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