Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students use prompts to write complete sentences using the third conditional.

Third Conditional Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

For each question, read the situation and write one sentence using the third conditional.


I didn't go to the cinema. I had seen the film. --> If I hadn't seen the film, I would have gone to the cinema.

1. I wasn't thirsty. I didn't drink the lemonade.

2. I didn't know Kirsty was in town. I didn't telephone her.

3. I didn't know watching this documentary was important for our exam. I didn't watch it.

4. I walked home from the disco. My friend was too drunk to drive.

5. I didn't go to the shops. I thought they closed at 5pm. They closed at 6pm.

6. I ate the yoghurt in the fridge. I thought it was mine, not yours.

7. I am really hungry now. I didn't have any breakfast.

8. We cancelled the game of tennis. It rained heavily all day.

9. I bought a copy of the New York Times. All the copies of USA Today were sold out.

10. I didn't see Tony at the party. I wanted to speak to him about his holiday in France.

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