Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Practice of different reporting verbs and of the reported speech tense changes.

Reported Speech

Upper Intermediate

Here are some suggested answers.

"I'd go and see a doctor if I were you."
Julie ___advised me to go and see a doctor______.

"Can you come and help me with this box?"
John ___asked me to help him with a box______.

"This is an exam Mr. Jenkins!! Shut up now!!!"
The headmaster __ordered Mr. Jenkins to shut up immediately____.

"That road is very dangerous so just be very careful!"
His mother ___warned her to be careful as the road was dangerous____.

"Liverpool won the match last night."
The journalist _said that Liverpool had won the match the previous night ___.

"Why don't we go and see that new film at the cinema."
Bill __suggested we go to see/go see the new film at the cinema___.

"I can come and look after the children tomorrow night."
Jane __offered to come and look after the children the following night__.

"The lesson starts at six o'clock in the evening."
The teacher __told us that the lesson started at six o'clock in the evening ____.

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