Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students use given prompts to form sentences using both defining and non-defining relative clauses.

Relative Clauses Worksheet - Defining and Non-Defining

Upper Intermediate

Use these prompts to write one sentences for each question. Sometimes you need a defining relative clause (i.e. without commas) and sometimes you need a non-defining relative clause - with commas.


Defining - We went and had dinner at that restaurant that you sister recommended.

Non-Defining - We went and had dinner at the "Three Roses" restaurant, which your sister recommended.

1. Bob has one daughter. His daughter is called Maria. She goes to Yale University.
Bob's daughter ________________________________.

2. You recommended a book for me. I read it.
I read ________________________________.

3. Havana is the capital of Cuba. Havana has a lively night life.
Havana ________________________________.

4. One of my sisters lives in Paris. The other one lives in London. The one in Paris is getting married next year.
My sister ________________________________.

5. Michael Jackson made a video in 1984. It was called "Thriller". It is considered a classic by his fans.
In 1984 Michael Jackson ________________________________.

6. I have a lot of friends. One is a dentist. He lives in Hawaii.
I have a friend ________________________________.

7. Lord Aston was born in 1834. He was born in Hambwell House in the north of England. Hambwell House is now a school.
Lord Aston was born ________________________________.

8. We visited four cities on our European tour. All of us preferred the same city. It was also the most expensive.
All of us ________________________________.

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