Upper Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Sticky area for some higher level students - the use of both, either, neither. This gap fill worksheet deals with the problem.

Both or Either? Neither!

Upper Intermediate

Choose one of the words "both", "either" or "neither" to fill the spaces in each question.

1. "Do you want the chicken salad or the tuna salad?" "NEITHER. I don't like salad! I'll have the pasta."

2. "Do you want the chicken salad or the tuna salad?" "BOTH! I am absolutely starving."

3. "Do you want the chicken salad or the tuna salad?" "EITHER. It doesn't matter really. You choose for me."

4. NEITHER Tim nor John knew what to do about the problem and I had to think of a solution quickly.

5. BOTH York and Chester are wonderful Roman cities in Britain. You would like EITHER/BOTH of them if you go.

6. EITHER you build a kennel for that dirty dog of yours out in the garden or you can clean the floor every day.

7. "I really am not enjoying this film!" "Me NEITHER! Let's try another channel."

8. NEITHER of the police officers knew the way to the school and I had to buy a map of the city.

9. I am BOTH proud and happy to present the winner of this year's Best Film award....

10. NEITHER of us wants to declare bankruptcy but we may not have a choice. EITHER we do that or we suffer years of debt.

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