Intermediate - games

Modal Game Of Chance
Practice of modal verbs. Students working alone or in pairs devise a list of problems they have in their lives. Then they throw three dice and the advice they receive for their problem depends on the number they throw.

Passive Card Game
Students work in groups. One group has the 'heads' of the sentences (e.g. 'JFK') and the other group has the 'tails' (e.g. Dallas). Groups take it in turns to challenge the other group to produce a full sentence using the passive.

Prepositions of Movement tic-tac-toe
Like the above activity though this one with prepositions of movement such as 'into', 'along' and 'over'.

Adverb Mime Game
Students have to mime different activities in different ways. Focus on adverbs as well as practice of present continuous.

Linking Words tic-tac-toe
Students in pairs or groups try and connect three squares by providing a correct example of words such as 'although', 'despite' and 'but'. Ideal activity for last 5 minutes in class.

Linking Words "Snap!!"
Like in the famous card game of "Snap", students put down sentence fragments until two go together - then someone cries "Snap!!!!" and wins a point. Premium

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