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Vacation Role Cards


At the hotel

You're in England on holiday and you are very unhappy about the hotel. The room is noisy, the breakfasts are small and cold and the staff are not friendly at all. Also, there are no excursions planned and you have no local information. You are the travel agent representative in the hotel in England. You must apologise to the tourist and explain the problems. You must always defend your company and the hotel. Nothing is your fault!

At the airport

You are at Heathrow Airport and have lost your bag which contained many important things including all you holiday photos and all the presents you bought for your family and friends. Demand some action and, if possible, some compensation. You work at Heathrow and must explain to the tourist that it's perfectly normal for a bag to go missing for a few hours and there is no problem at all. Andů.tourists should never put anything too valuable in their bags.

At the restaurant

You're on holiday in England and are eating in a restaurant. You're not happy with the service and have asked to see the manager. The waiters only speak French, the dishes are too small and something is moving on your daughter's plate. Demand action and compensation. You are the manager of a restaurant in England. A stupid tourist is complaining about your cultural establishment and clearly understands nothing about haute cuisine. Defend your restaurant and all the staff completely.

Hiring a car

You're on holiday in England and have hired a car for one week. When you arrived at the car park in Heathrow Airport, you found a Fiat 126 and not the BMW you ordered by telephone from Italy. Go to the car hire office to demand your original carů.and for the same price as the Fiat because of the inconvenience. You are the manager of a car hire company at Heathrow airport. A tourist is complaining about the car you gave them. Explain why there were no more BMWs and that you were very considerate in choosing an Italian substitute car for them. Premium

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